Emergency and nurse call system for a retirement  residence


Humanika Seniorenresidenz Otterbach GmbH focuses on human care and offers residents in two residential groups of the senior citizens’ residence the opportunity to feel special as a person and improve their quality of life. 

 The existing nurse call system in the property had been malfunctioning for years and could no longer be rectified. The management decided to replace the system. 


he client had various very specific requirements for the new system. In addition to the requirement to comply with industrial standards, the system also had to be able to establish a voice connection in an emergency in order to verify suspected cases and minimise unnecessary time wastage for staff. The system also had to fulfil the requirements for a home emergency call, as the residents of the shared flats are entitled to a home emergency call and their relatives have already requested this service several times. Finally, the system had to provide proof of performance so that the client could justify, for example, upgrading the care level of some residents. 


A combined Divital home emergency call and nurse call system was installed and integrated into the existing IT and telecommunications landscape.
The system consists of a stationary control unit with a clearly visible emergency button and a portable “panic” button, which is worn either on the wrist or as a chain around the neck.

The system has an audio-visual alarm in the event of an emergency and notifies staff via the existing telephone system so that carers do not have to carry around additional handsets.

The system logs all events in accordance with requirements and provides evidence of the services provided.


From commissioning, the system works smoothly and fulfils all legal requirements and those of the client. According to the client, the relatives are also satisfied.  

The system ensures that the residents are safe both inside and outside the building. The relatives are satisfied that all emergencies are recognised and help is called immediately.   

The staff in charge are relieved that they do not have to do any “watch rounds”, as the system recognises all emergencies and also informs them proactively.  

Thanks to the verification with voice function, around 25 “false alarms” are eliminated, resulting in a saving of around 3.3 working hours per day. 

Facts and figures:
  • Duration of the project (from order to acceptance): 4 CW
  • Number of equipped living spaces: 70
  • Direct economic effect thanks to the upgrade from 5 residents: approx. EUR 30,000 per year
  • Indirect savings through released working hours: approx. EUR 23,000
  • Total economic effect: approx. EUR 53,000 per year.


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