AAL system for seniors in shared apartments in Moenchengladbach


As a developer, HCC Tomper Weg GmbH planned and built two modern dementia residential communities, each with 12 residents, in Mönchengladbach. The location offers an alternative form of living for people suffering from dementia, where they can enjoy the rest of their lives carefree and in peace.

Some shared apartment residents have poor health conditions that require special care measures, including pressure sore prophylaxis and fall prevention.


The developer needed a solution for automatic detection and warning of dangerous events. The aim was to ensure compliance with care standards and make the living situation as safe as possible. In addition, the solution should help to relieve staff, in particular to create more peace and security during night shifts. After all, the client did not want to have to worry about the system, as carers should be able to concentrate on providing care and support and not worry about the technology, but about the residents.


Divital AAL system is ideally suited to this task. The exact composition of the system was defined with regard to the specific needs of the residents and the special features of the premises. The system includes a fall sensor, a motion detector and a bed sensor as standard. The system also includes a voice-activated call for help device. All events are logged and staff are notified in the event of an emergency or suspicion. 


The project was implemented in 2023. All goals were achieved. Following the introduction of the Divital AAL system, the operator was able to free up approx. 2 working hours per night shift and outsource them from the day shift for office and housekeeping tasks, which has helped to significantly reduce the workload on staff. In addition, approx. 1 working hour per day shift was released. According to the operator, the system has been very well received by residents and their relatives and customer satisfaction has increased. We took over the administration of the system completely for the client. 

Facts & Figures
  • Duration of the project (from order to acceptance): 6 KW
  • Number of equipped living spaces: 24
  • Indirect savings through released working hours: approx. EUR 21,000 per year
  • Indirect savings through lower staff turnover: approx. EUR 11,500
  • Estimate: avoidance of serious accidents, increase in quality and customer satisfaction leading to better bed occupancy rate: approx. 27,000 EUR.  
  • Total economic effect: approx. EUR 59,500 per year


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